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Life path number:

People with life path number “1” have good leading qualities. These people often make their own decisions and fight for it to get approved. They have strong determination and will power. They can be short-tempered sometimes. They like bossing on others than following them. Usually people with life path number 1 choose to have their business. They are always trying to get fame. They have good concentration power due to which they can easily concentrate on their work and complete it. They protect their loved ones and try their best to complete their needs.

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These people are innovative in their nature. They make their own way to find a unique solution. They are risk takers and learn from their failures. They have tendency of rising from their fall. But sometimes they may become annoyed if they couldn’t achieve their goal. They like to be a winner and put same amount of efforts to maintain it.

They should also take care of their anger and selfishness as this will only lead them to become violent in nature. This can be bad for their health and for others too. They should understand that they will only achieve their goals as long as they posses their creativity and should not become egoist with your life.

Birthday number:

Day number 1 of any month gives you positive and confident approach towards life. People with number 1 day have better managing qualities. But they may just lack broad-mindedness. They are emotional in nature but due to some external elements they tend to hide them.

Expression number:

A person with expression number 1 or destiny number 1 can have good managerial qualities. They would prefer living their own individual life. They are creative people; they are quick to bring new ideas and implement them. Such people would often need someone to manage them at earlier stage in their life, but as time passes they can live and manage themselves by own. These people have good creativity and if they succeed in using it properly then they can have most of out of it. They can be financially rich. These people are often afraid of many things I their life. They have self-centered approach towards their life. They can show their aggressive side sometimes.

Numerology 1

Soul Urge number:

Soul urge number 1 is most cherished number among all. People with Soul urge number 1are independent in nature. They often like to lead others. They are always high on confidence and are willing to accept any challenges. These people are loyal in nature. They should control their self boasting nature or they would have to face the consequences of it. They are so egoistic people that sometimes they may not even ask for your help when needed the most. They can have problems in maintaining crucial relationships as they are never ready to compromise with other people.
Personality number: People who have personality number 1 are bold in their appearance and usually attract other people. They are attention seekers and always try to look different among the people. They are also positive in nature and like to rule other people. They are innovative and like to express their views without any hesitation. They would like to represent someone and strive for the fame. They are good in their professional lives; they only stop after completing their work and doesn’t let others interfere in between their work. Hence they are also reliable. Though, sometimes they can be dominating and selfish.

Maturity number: People who have maturity number 1 are strong and determined from young age. They can become aspiring leaders. As they grow up they start thinking of making something unique. Such people can be pioneers of tomorrow. Sometimes they may lack confidence or will power but you can always observe the difference in them after their maturity age. They become passionate and confident about their actions. They may feel the need of being independent person. They can be outspoken sometimes and need to work on it. There can be some negative points for these people like, they can get trapped in some sort of inner fears or they may lose their creativeness.
Balance number: People who have balance number 1 try to assist themselves on their own. But it would be good for them if they try to communicate their problems with their friends or family members as they can possibly give them better solutions. If somehow they fail to share their problems with others then they can become a loner. You have pretty much good attributes like power, innovations and guts with which you can achieve all of your goals.

Life Challenges numbers: People with life challenge number 1 might have felt that their every dream or aim was not fulfilled due to some reason. These people often put others responsible for this failure of their life. This may have happened due your impulsiveness. People might have presumed you as unreliable person. You should make proper planning before doing any actions.

Pinnacle number:

People who have pinnacle number 1 may find the new source of energy inside their body as they grow older. They will be chasing after several challenges in their lives. You will get responsibilities depending on your abilities to lead others, your straight-forwardness and creativity. There are possibilities of achieving lots of milestones in their lives.



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