Numerology 3

Numerology 3

Life path number 3: People with life path number 3 are innovative in nature. They have good conversational talents. They generally entertain people by their writing, singing or acting abilities. They have ability to express their feelings through these skills. They have positive attitude towards the life. They like to live in peace and cherish beauty. Since they are talkative and friendly they make lots of friends. They are cheerful people and enjoy every moments of their life. They are neither good in handling the money nor bad. They only spend it when they have it. People with life path number 3 are good listener too; they listen to the opinions of others. They also care about the emotions of other people and hence they are always welcomed by people around them. People with life path number 3 are emotional and can get hurt easily even by smallest thing. In such a condition they will try to hide themselves from society, but they also have tendency to rise above back from sadness. They don’t hide their problems and try to solve them. They would prefer partner with dominating nature; a person that can understand them and provide support to their life. They can also be impatient sometimes.

 Birthday number 3: If you are born on the 3rd day of any month then you may possess the ability to fight back and win. You have ability to overcome your stress be it physical or mental. You may have unstable nature but you can always manage well with the environment. You have good interacting skills with which you can easily portray your thoughts to other people. You have good knowledge of language and make good writer or singer.

Expression number 3: People with expression number 3 are jolly in nature and they spread happiness wherever they go. They like to help other people and often inspire them to do well in their life. They will give you small speech or tips to succeed in your life. They can also inspire you by their literature. As they have good communication skills and presentation they can become a good salesman. People with expression number 3 are highly social and they give more importance to their friends. As they meet new people and make new friends, they will receive new opportunities for achieving success. These people can be phony sometimes just to entertain you. These people often find themselves indulged in a scandal. Heart's Desire: People with heart’s desire or soul urge number 3 are pleasant people and they like to make new friends. They consider their life as a God’s grace and enjoy every moment of it. They also motivate other people to live their life to fullest. These people like to fantasize their desires. They have good humor and use their command over language to entertain people. These people go after easy to get things and rather avoid difficult tasks. They are often lost in their fantasies and thus lack practicality. They are also lazy people.

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Personality number 3: People with personality number 3 have attractive personality. Men and women both are good looking individuals. They are always well dressed and tidy. These people attract other people with their funny behavior and charm. They are attention seekers and you can always find such people at parties entertaining other people. They may indulge in a small time relationship. They are good in romance and affectionate. People with number 3 are fortunate enough to get all the success without any difficulties. Their friendly nature helps them to get new chances. They are also good decision makers. They believe in helping other people

. Maturity number 3: People of maturity number 3 are social and fun loving and become friendlier as they grow older. They would be seen attending parties and meeting new people. They would prefer going to places where they can find happiness and peace. They would go to church choir in order to make them feel better or they would spend some time alone listening to the music. They become more expressive as they mature. They would write down their experiences in life.

Balance number 3: They have tendency to overload themselves with work. They should ask for the help from their colleagues. You should not let your emotions take part in your decisions. You should take a decision that is beneficiary to all the people. You should also use your interacting skills to discuss the problems and find a proper solution for it. You should often take break from your work which will help you reduce the tension of work and divert your mind from it. Life challenge number 3: The challenge in the life of number 3 people would be to express their feelings to the people they love. This can happen due to any emotional imbalance. They may fail to get required attention from people which can bury their confidence. They may also feel shy to meet new people. Inability to express them may result into annoyance and they can show lot of anger and rudeness too. Pinnacle number 3: pinnacle number 3 can make a person friendly, cheerful and fun loving. They would like to travel to the new places and meet new people. They evolve innovative ways to express their feelings. They will get appreciation from the world and life becomes easier for them. They will get good source of money from their creativeness.

Pinnacle 1: In first pinnacle of number 3 you may lose important opportunities due to lack of attention. You should work hard to create opportunities. In this period of time they are often enjoying their youth and having fun.

Pinnacle 2 and 3: This period will give you a chance to show your creative talent. Your talent will get stimulations in order to take it to the big stage. Your success will depend on your social behavior. Pinnacle 4: This is the phase in your life when you will be high on your success. You will travel to different places to show your talent. Your financial status will also get boost in this phase of life.