Numerology 6

Numerology 6

  Life path number 6: People with life path number 6 are helpful people and like to help the helpless. They are always looking to improve themselves so that they can help other people in better way. Sometimes people can get irritated by this behavior. People with 6 number think that they are helping others but they may be actually snooping into their private matters. They should understand the matter first and only provide their help if needed. They can also get too involved in problems of other people and lose their own identity. People with life path number 6 believe in making balance in their life. They are responsible person. They can be wonderful parents and life partner.Their lives rotate mostly around their family. They are kind in nature thus receive proper respect from other people. You should take care while indulging in a relationship. You should not be emotional while taking any hard decision. Number 6 people should make their mind whether they are really helping other people or unnecessarily making them lazy by doing their help. Life path number 6 people are born creative and can become successful in the area of arts or music. There is a possibility that they can fail to achieve this if they are continuously looking to help others and they will not get chance to concentrate on their own talents. They can also make carrier in business, education and management.

Birthday number 6: People born on number 6 of month are responsible and helpful in nature. These people are sincere to everyone around them and to their family. They often take more responsibility then usual and come true to it Heart desires/ Soul’s urge number 6: People with soul’s urge number 6 are loving and kind in nature. They are affectionate towards their family and friends and seek same from them. They like to help other people. They can also be a good guide for other people. Number 6 people are also ready to sacrifice their own wish to help others. One who asks for the help will always receive the helping hand from number 6 person.. Number 6 people need to worry about themselves and should also possess a little selfishness.

Personality number 6: People with number 6 are original and they have good judging skills. Other people often come to number 6 people to get a help on their personal issues. They are also good while dealing with any type of people. They are devoted to their loved ones hence their marriage has better chance of sustaining. They try to learn from their experience and often have something to share with the world. They like to live in pleasant and cozy place. They like people who are honest and kind like them. Number 6 people are not fashion oriented; they keep simple appearance. They are often indulged in completing someone else’s work. They tend to ignore their own needs for other needy people.

Maturity number 6: When people with maturity number 6 mature they create even stronger bond with their friends and relatives. They will pay more attention towards needy people then to themselves. They will become financially good and would prefer to give some part of their earning to charities. They would also create a good financial base for following generation. They tend to make better friends in their latter half which will remember them even after they are gone. 6 number people would become more responsible in this phase of their life. They may join the politics or social cause

Balance number 6: People with balance number 6 should have faith in their capabilities. They may rely on their colleagues or friends for completing any task. They can be responsible person if they try to believe in their skills. They will enjoy being a center of attention and handling the duties as other people will come to them to solve their problems. Along with good behavior number 6 people are also attractive and charming, which can help them to complete their work by attracting other people. But one should not go to the same person again and again as he/she may come to know your tactics.

Challenge number 6: People with challenge number 6 are rather good in their action and often make their own rules. Sometimes it may come hard for other people to adjust with these rules. If people don’t agree with their actions then they can also become furious at them. People with challenge number 6 tends show rigidness and don’t welcome any changes.

Expression number 6: As the people with expression number 6 grow older they become more responsible person. They become more helpful to others and try to eliminate their faults. They grow tendency to handle more complex situations. They have better compatibility with all the people at work thus they can work with everybody. People with number 6 are good in keeping up with their relatives. They are honest to the people. They are also good parents. They are family oriented and believe in keeping their family happy. they are caring people and are friendly in nature. They always try to understand the people. Number 6 people often devote themselves to the work that is related to helping their community, like medical, teaching, arts, research and others. If the person has more number 6 then he may become selfish and mean. He will try to dominate other people. Pinnacle number 6: People with number 6 will have to face rules and responsibilities which can make them feel limited. These people try to live in harmony. They have chosen their way of helping other people. They possess ability to handle any situation. They will get several chances to serve other people.

First pinnacle: In first pinnacle these people will suffer from lots of duties in their personal and professional life. They can become pray to marriage that is unable to sustain. Person will have to respect and accept the duties assigned to them by their relatives, boss or friends.

Second and third pinnacle: Person can achieve his goals by accepting the regular authorities and tasks. You will have to complete the demands of your seniors. Fourth pinnacle: After so much of hard work people of number 6 will finally get the prize for it. They will get warm wishes from their close relatives and friends. After this phase number 6 people will be able to get some time alone and relax.  

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