Numerology 8

Numerology 8

  Life path number 8: People with life path number 8 are well organized and posses the ability to become a good leader. They usually have high ambitions in life which is achieved positively by them. They have good managing skills which can help them become a successful business man. People with number 8 have innovative minds; they can make proper planning about future. They often motivate other people to do their work in better way. People with number 8 have a good ability to judge people; they exactly know whom to assign a particular task. They believe in action and always try to fulfill their dreams. They don’t fear to take a risk. They have higher standards of living but their subordinates may fail to cop up with them. Thus they should learn to encourage their subordinates and give them proper guidance. Money matters more to them. They ultimate desire is to be famous. They want the world to know about their success. They would seek appreciation for their hard work.  


Name Numerology: They are too devoted to their loved ones and family. They never forget to express their love for their family but they must keep both professional and personal life separate from each other. They like comfortable and easy life. They can make their carriers in business as they have good leading skills; there are other carriers like law, research, history and teaching where you can show your potentials. People with number 8 can become dominating and mean sometimes. They may join the politics later where they can have danger of being involved in a corruption and misuse of power. They must understand how to use their power and money or else they may lose everything. They may develop negative thoughts after living a harsh life, especially a young life. Being too much materialistic can also harm them.

Birthday number 8: People born on the 8 of month are born with good managerial skills. They are resourceful people and are good in planning long term objectives. They like to control things by themselves and prefer to work alone rather than working under someone. They are also good in handling financial matters. They are trustworthy and helpful in nature. They are destined to have good wealth.

Heart’s desire/ soul’s urge number 8: People with soul’s urge number 8 are natural rulers. They often do what seems right to them. They like to have proper control on everything. Thus most of the time, they prefer working alone. They can be successful in business. They are ambitious in nature and their creativity helps them to achieve their goals. They seek to earn more money and have luxurious life but can also become greedy in order to achieve their dreams. With the help of good managing skills and hard work they want to win over their competitors. They want to be a successful and responsible person. Number 8 people are not good in relationship. Their orientation is towards the money and their profession.

Personality number 8: People with personality number 8 are positive minded and goal oriented. They are smart and materialistic in nature. They become successful and like to maintain their high status. They want to be known for their works. They prefer doing their own business which can make them powerful and respectable. They are good decision maker and capable of handling complexity, which also makes them a good manager. For the people with number 8, money and work is more important than their family and relationship. They like to be fashionable and trendy. Maturity number 8: With maturity in number 8 people, they will be more successful and will gain more satisfaction from their work. Number 8 people will have financial stability in their life. They will become more resourceful and problem solving will be easier for them. Other people will look at them as a responsible and accountable person. Their knowledge and creativity will catch the attention of seniors ad can be offered a promotion to them. As number 8 people will be high on their success, they should control their ego. They should behave with discipline like they were before or they will have to suffer from great fall. They need to control themselves from running after the money. They should spend their time in some creative work. It is a good time for the number 8 people to spend some time with their family and friends. If they have several number 8s in their chart that means they will have some problems in maintaining the financial conditions or they will have to control their urge of earning more money. If they don’t have any 8s in their chart that means that means they will now gain the success and money as well.

Balance number 8: People with number 8 will have to learn to have a better conversation with their subordinates and solve their problems. They should not try to dominate others with their own rules but listen to their view and concerns also. People see a good leader in number 8 person and hence they go to them to seek answer their problem. Try to use your innovative ideas in helping other people and for good cause.

Life challenge number 8: Number 8 people tend to compare himself with other people in terms of money, appearance and status. They have greedy nature. Small kids with number 8 can be smart to get what they want. As an adult person they may show urge to achieve success and money. They will have to maintain their relationship with their family and friends.

Expression number 8: People with 8 expression number have orientation towards earning money and improving their status. They are ambitious and feel need to have good financial condition. They are good in living up to their responsibilities and hence they make good managers. They will also be successful in starting new business. They know exactly how to handle the money and they are good at it. They are good in making decisions; they are realistic in nature due to which they become successful in their missions. They are determinant and confident in their work. If they have too much 8 energy then they may show rigidity in their nature. They may show aggressiveness in achieving their goals; if they fail to achieve it then it may result in anxiety. They should not be too concern about their power as it is not good for them. They should not panic if they see any loss of money or other things.

Pinnacle number 8: People with pinnacle number 8 are supposed to see improvements in their work, financial conditions and their own status. They are practical in nature and manage their activities well. They are business oriented and do not allow their emotions to take over their mind.

First pinnacle: People with number 8 show practicality from very early stage of their life. They will show interest in starting new business. They may find some problems in their work but soon they will overcome it.

Second and third pinnacle: In this period of time they tend to become more responsible to their work. They will show lack of emotions in their decisions. They may get married and add more responsibility to their regular work. They will have urge to become more successful in their life. Fourth pinnacle: People with number 8 in fourth pinnacles, will have early retirements from their work but they will have good financial conditions, status and power.  

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