Numerology 9


Life path number 9:
People with life path number 9 are kind in nature. They feel bad for the people who are in trouble and always believe in helping them. They are reliable people. They do not run after money but they are often rewarded for their good nature. They are simple living people and do not intent to go after the money. They are unselfish, self-sacrificing and helping people. They have strong and magnetic personality. These people are often attracted to their simple and down to earth nature. With such a personality they make lots of friends easily. They can be seen in a leading role in whatever work they do.

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Numerology 9

Being in a relationship will be difficult for these people due to inability to maintain balance in their personal and professional life. They will need a partner who will understand their open nature. If they get someone like that then it will be beautiful life for them and if the person’s orientation is towards the money and luxurious life then it may result in a problem.

People with number 9 are so sensitive and emotional that they may express their feelings through music, painting or writing. They may show philosophical behavior to you. They are good judges, teachers and leaders. They appreciate natural beauty, so they can make their carrier in photography or decorating. They are not good in business as they are not so competitive in nature.
There are also some drawbacks of number 9; they can be difficult to deal with sometimes. They should look after their own needs and satisfaction.

Birthday number 9:

People born on the 9th of any month are optimistic and kind in nature. They get along well with any type of people due to their friendly nature. They have good amount of patience and understanding which allows them to work well even with unknown people. They are caring and generous about other’s problems. People with number 9 believe in giving.
Heart’s desire/soul’s urge 9:

People with number 9 take peace by helping other people. They won’t hesitate to give up their own desires in order to complete others ‘wish.  They like to live by their own rules. They have great confidence in themselves. They have good understanding ability with which they can easily cop up with others. They like to have perfection in their work and prefer same from others.
They like to meet new people and befriend with them. They don’t like people with narrow-minded. They give special treatment to love. Most of the number 9 people are innovative in their nature.

Personality number 9:

People with personality number 9 are kind and lovely person. They are always willing to help needy people. They are creative and innovative in nature. They are good in reasoning and can help you in solving your problem immediately. They are also good in predicting. They are always careful while doing their work.
People with number 9 are well appreciated by others for their kind hearted and forgiving nature. They never try to judge other people. They have positive attitude towards the life. They live on their own principles and are honest in nature. They get emotional if they see anybody in pain.
They make other people feel easy around them. They can easily attract others by their simple and helping nature.

Number 9 people like to live close to the environment. They cherish natural beauty. They have artistic abilities and like to live in harmony.

Maturity number 9:

As the people with number 9 mature they tend to indulge in more social services for the betterment of the people. They would not mind spending some money for needy people. Their attraction and interest towards the arts and beauty will increase immensely in this period. If they are artist then they will have good improvements in it; if they are just admirer then they would like to be a sponsor in order to promote other people’s skills.

If people have lots of 9s in their chart, then they may show little detached behavior and rudeness. If there are few or no 9s in their chart, then you will see them sparing more time for helping other people. They will have a peace and good feeling of contributing something for other people. If your partner has number 9 in his/her chart then be ready to accompany him for charities and in social services at later years.

Balance number 9:

People with number 9 will need to meet people and have a good communication with them. They may go in aloofness but that will only increase their concerns and loneliness. They have good skills and intellectual mind which should be used to help others. They can also try and motivate others to bring good performance in their work.

Life challenge number 9:

Though People with number 9 always believe in helping others, they can also show some unwillingness sometimes if their own desires are not completed. They may act dramatically to other people’s mistake.
Number 9 people should also concentrate on their own desires and not just others. They will have less interest in relationship and would lack responsibility.

Expression number 9:

It will be beneficiary to the number 9 people if they follow their own instincts and spend time in helping people. They should have good conversation with other people and solve their doubts. Such activity will also motivate them.

People with number 9 have good intellectuals, creativity and artistic talents. They can make carrier in arts, legal fields or at advisory position.

Number 9 People give highest priority to relationship and friends. There is a need of concentrating on their needs and completing them. At the same time they should also give their time to others. They should have broad view towards the life and should not get impulsive. If they succeed in doing so then they will be able to give more, creating better understanding with others.
Number 9 people may show self-seeking and detached nature sometimes. It will be difficult for them to cop up with others if they do not try to involve with people.

Pinnacle number 9:

People with number 9 are more concerned with helping other people. They are sensitive towards poor and weak people. They are very kind and emotional people.
First pinnacle:

At early years, it will be difficult for person to show selflessness. They are friendly in nature so they make good friends. They will stand for the weak people. They will use their creativity for helping out other people.

Second and third pinnacle:

In this period of 9th pinnacle, a person may build great understanding and patience in order to deal with the world. They will make their own rules which will also provide advantage to world.

Fourth pinnacle:

In this period of the life, number 9 people will have more orientation towards giving. With goof financial conditions they will be willing to provide financial help to needy people or social services. They will become more humanistic and kind then ever.


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