Numerology Compatibility

Numerology compatibility

Numerology compatibility is essential for any couple to know whether they are naturally compatible to each other or not. Numerology compatibility will help you avoid any futuristic troubles. As human ages their nature changes and this may create problems in your after marriage life. Numerology compatibility uses your date of birth and tells you whether you have compatibility with specific person. Each number describes something about you. Following are the numbers that tells about different factors in your life.


Name Numerology: In name numerology, person’s full name is used and the letters from it are converted into numbers. Like A has numerical value 1, it is sequential up to Z with value 26. Numerical name can tell you how you communicate with people and how they respond to you. The numbers are as follows:   Learn about following numerology numbers

Expression number: Destiny number shows how your life is going on and what the purpose of your life is. This number also represents how you express your feelings. It uses letters from your full name or if you have changed the name officially then it uses that name. Your first name, middle name and you last name each have different numerology meanings and can affect individually to your life. Your first name describes your characteristics and experiences from the past. Your middle name helps to find your hidden talents. Your last name or family name from both mother’s side and father’s side tells about the characteristics you have inherited from them. This is why children have similar attributes to their parents. Many people change their name in order to change their destiny. This includes business man and celebrities. This is the reason why expression number is considered as most important in numerology.

The Soul Urge Number: Soul Urge Number is calculated using the vowels in your name. This number describes your conscious and unconscious desires. It tells you what your soul really wants and hence is also known as individuality number, Motivation number and Heart desire. This number will let you know what your hobbies are and which of your characteristics or hobbies will be useful for making carrier in it. Soul urge number can be helpful in finding the right carrier for those who have not been able to decide what they want tp do in their lives.

Personality number: Personality number is calculated using the consonants of your name. This number can tell you how you present yourself to the world and how they look up to you. With help of this number you can change the way people look at your personality. This way you can find out the best qualities in you that matches your personalities. With the help of numerology compatibility you can also adjust your Personality number to other numbers.

The maturity number: The maturity number tells you about your life at your maturity age like in 30s to 40s. This number will tell you what you will decide to do in future. You may not be interested or aware of the carrier described by the maturity number but you will automatically generate passion or interest for that carrier later. Carrier said by the maturity number may be the real carrier which your soul/heart wanted. All the number in you numerology profile affects each other. Ex: your expression number or destiny number may affect your maturity number as how you will live the life when in the new carrier path. It can also affect the personality number.

Life path number: The life path number is derived from person’s birth date and it can’t be changed. This number tells the path that you will lead in your life. This number can reveal the good and bad characteristics of the person. Many numerologist also believe that person’s birth I not only just nature’s way of creating new generation but it is also chosen by the soul of the person which gives you life a special objective.   If you feel that life path number is not really describing your desires then you can select other number from your numerology profile. There are other numbers in your profile which can have stronger points which can affect your life immensely.

Birthday number: Birthday number is the single digit form of your birth date and can reveal lots of things about you. It can also tell you about who you are and what you can achieve in your life.

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